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Part 2

Francis and David Thoutman were the founders of The brothers an organization that dealt with safe guarding the wealth of rich orphans and hence making sure they got the best education even after their parents have passed on

Therefore they took full responsibly of Leticia immodestly her parents died in an auto the farm to an investor to develop for the four years she would be enrolled in a business school

The pylants were an American family that had got citizenship in Uganda and were well known for their agriculture technology

Leticia arrived at Queens education Centre just after the students had gone fo their morning lectures. Miss Kyle the Parton had shown her to her hostel room which she was to share with three other girls and leaving her with a school map she had left her to her privacy.

"You should make as many friends as you can while you stay there"her nanny ha told her before she left.

but how could she make friends in such a strange place for and besides the Brothers had not made it any easy this morning

"miss Ayot be aware that this might be the last time you're door is opened for you,or dressed and your laundry is made and there will be no nanny or maids at your call my dia"David had said while opening her car door

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