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Part 3

7:30 pm

the students had started to arrive in the elegant parking space reserved for the students who came from out side the campus with their expensive cars as Kathy had told Leticia that since the campus was known for business many rich parents enrolled their children here to attained the basic skills need.

Leticia noticed a car that was extra-ordinarily very expensive compared to the rest.then the owner got out wearing an expensive shirt from the finest Egyptian cotton yarn,the studs and cufflinks were diamond encrusted .He looked so arrogant to her and his friends who had just joined him were no different

Tracy got Leticia from her thoughts when she said"that guy over there is the richest boy at campus.his two sisters are married to dukes in England and his parents own many investments in Uganda.Besides he is the only American who has ever had his education here

"is he called Pylant by any chance"Leticia asked her while looking at said boy.

"how did you know that"Tracy asked looking at her

"the world is round didn't know that i could find his son"Leticia said as though talking to herself and then added to Tracy"i know his father i have seen him just twice before i left my home Village to come here"

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