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Part 1

The sun was gloriously penetrating into her room through the open widow that looked in the green forest behind the house.the forest was alive, a cold wind,the harbinger of heavy rains whisked through the tree tops shaking even the giant figs to the tips of their roots.rainbirds called awet message through the cold almost dark trees.the doves cooed in their nests preparing to meet the storm.the acades sounded harsh and terrier.the forest had a certain urgency to it as though warning the world of imminent disaster.

Aknock at her room got Leticia from her thoughts"come in please" she said sitting next to her bed.

"We have a big problem my dia"joan her nanny said sitting on the bed.

"Bigger than the dreams i have these days"she asked

"The Brothers called today after your dinner"she said taking her silence she continued" your parents trusted them with you if they passed away...'

Nanny i know that but why this soon,they haven't left me to mourn for my parents' death before they start calling."she said

You have to study my dia"Joan said

So when are they calling tomorrow or"Leticia asked cutting her nanny short

"I think by tomorrow midlunch,you need to be ready by then"she said

"Good now i need to be alone and have a good rest" leticia said

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