The Man in the Black Fedora (Part 2, page 1 of 30)

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Part 2

Daniel looked over the top of the excavation site to the Greek horizon. The peaks and valleys of the mountains against a dusky dark sunset were breathtaking. He spied a village between a couple of the peaks revealing a Greek culture that’s as old as time. His six-foot frame towered over the small mound he had carefully dug up in search of artifacts. In an effort to cool his neck, he kept his black straight hair behind his head with a rubber band even though it was barely long enough to do it.

“In all my years as an archaeologist, this has got to be the best place to work,” he thought to himself as he wiped the dirt that gathered along a scar underneath and perpendicular to his right eye. Although it wasn’t an inch in length, it was a constant reminder on how to use a machete.

“Well, enough of this,” he said aloud and continued to work the mound with his brush.

A few strokes across the top of the mound uncovered a surface that reflected the evening sun. Daniel’s heart started to race. He had unearthed some interesting artifacts to this point of the dig, but nothing that reflected light. Carefully moving the dirt, he found an edge of the object. Stroking the dirt in an outward motion from an area he thought to be the center of the object, he discovered three more edges. It measured twelve-inches by eighteen-inches. Then, using the handle of his brush, he scraped along the edges to discover it was about one-inch thick.

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