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Part 1

The alley was long and full of shadows. Even in the daylight. The two high-rise apartment buildings took up two city blocks making the alley an easy place to hide. With fire escape ladders down and huge trash bins, a skillful person could move around unseen until emerging from one end of the alley.

DeWayne McClanahan (Mac) was hot on the heels of Cole Crosse when he followed him into the alley. Being six foot three made it difficult to hide so he had to rely on his years of training. Bending incorrectly meant the difference between success and failure. Sweat ran down his face from the top of his head and dripped off the end of his nose. His crew-cut red/gray hair was supposed to keep his head cooler. It wasn’t working.

He had information suggesting someone hired a hit man to kill Cole. “Cole Sebastian Crosse,” Mac thought as he unfolded the All-Points Bulletin that he had shoved into his hip pocket. “Cap’n said you were slippery. But, from what I read here, you’re hardly worth saving. So, it must be politics. Politics; ‘poly’ meaning many and ‘ticks’ meaning blood suckers. Everything in me says I should leave you to the hit man, but I gotta follow what Cap’n says.”

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