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Part 3

Sunaina jumped in excitement and hugged Shivani . " Shivani guess what ? I get to spend our midterm break with you afterall"

Her eyes were shining and she was smiling looking ecstatic.

Shivani smiled back . For the past two and a half years these two had become more than friends . Shivani was closer to Sunaina even more than her real sister.

Both the friends were opposite in nature . Sunaina belonged to an affluent family from Delhi . She was tall around five feet six inches ,had a nice curvaceous body , long hair and beautiful blue green eyes . Her fair complexion had earned her quite a few admirers but she was focused on her studies so she never even realised that she was popular among the boys.

Shivani on the other hand belonged to a higher middle class but conservative family from Jaipur. She was the first girl from her family who had come outside of Jaipur to study . Initially her parents had been reluctant to send her to Jodhpur but when she cleared the entrance exams and got a scholarship they could not refuse .

Moreover her elder cousin brother Arjun studied in the same college so he was able to convince her parents that he would look after her . Shivani was a traditional beauty with her long hair big black eyes . Even if she was not as tall as Sunaina she was slimmer than her .

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