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Part 5

Sunaina was nervous . This was a new situation for her . She had simply touched her dinner unable to eat it due to her nervousness .

Half an hour seemed to stretch for more than an hour.

Shivani asked her if she wanted her to accompany him but she refused.

She reluctantly climbed the stairs to the terrace, her heart beating loudly and her hands fiddling with each other.

When she was on the last step she hesrd Arjun calling her ,” Is it you Sunaina?”

She replied hesitantly ,” Yes its me Arjun “

” Come to this side I am waiting for you “

Slowly she walked towards him , her eyes facing the floor .

Arjuncould see that she was hesitant, he himself was nervous . He loved her very much . He was sure of his feelings but Sunaina feelings he wasn’t sure .

” Come sit here . “, he asked her to sit near him .

” You know Sunaina - yaar this is tough “

“ Sunaina I like you very much . Will you be my girlfriend?”

Sunaina was quiet for a long time.

” Sunaina there is no pressure on you . You can always refuse”, saying this he placed a rose in her hands and left.

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