THE LOVE TRIANGLE (Part 4, page 1 of 3)

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Part 4

The next week they had their exams. In the entire week they were cramming and learning. They stayed awake late nights studying hard.They even missed their dinners. Infact Arjun brought dinner from outside for both of them. though he was not allowed in the girls hostel but since everyone knew he was Shivani's brother he could enter the reception area.

Shivani was in the bathroom when she was called by the warden so Sunaina went instead.

She was surprised to find Arjun,"Arjun what are you doing here at this time of the night ?”

Arjun had a funny smile on his face , This is dinner for you and Shivani . I know you must have skipped dinner while studying . And Sunsina its your favourite Chinese “

Sunaina was impressed . Arjun took very good care of his sister and she liked boys who cared for their families .

“thanks Arjun . You are such a dear “

When their hands touched electricity passed through Arjun.

He left pleased.

When she opened the dinner she found sll her favourites. “ See Su. Arjun bhaiya may have brought me dinner but he is trying to impress you . How I hope someone would care for me in a similar manner ?” She exclaimed .

” Shivani even you like Chinese ?”

“ But not as much as you do ?”

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