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Part 8

The next two days were full of fun and laughter. Shivani took her to all over Jaipur.

On the first day they went for camel rides .

After that Arjun took them to a place where the elephant rides were famous. Shivani refused to sit on the huge animal but Sunaina was ready. Arjun accompanied her on the ride. Ever since coming to Jaipur Arjun was taking good care of her. It was as if he was at her beck and call.

When the ride became bumpy and Sunaina screamed Arjun wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. Surprisingly she didn't feel odd. Infact she felt comfortable sitting with him..

Arjun felt happy because she seemed to be happy with him. He loved her a lot but conveying his true feelings might affect their friendship so he kept quiet.

After that he took them to the pink city traditional market.

Jaipur was a beautiful and vibrant city

Sunaina had come to Jaipur for the first time and she had simply fallen in love with the city. The pink city old market was her favourite. She shopped for ethnic kurtis, suits and even two cotton lehengas.

The lakh bangles were another favourite. She bought three pairs to go with the dresses she was to wear for the wedding.

Then she bought two pair of juttis. They were beautifully carved and in red and blue colour.

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