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Part 10

Today was her third day at Jaipur and tomorrrow her parents would arrive with rest of the wedding guests.

Since they had been exploring Jaipur for two days today they planned to enjoy at home.

After a liesurely breakfast they all sat in Shivani's room playing monopoly, antakshri and other indoor games. Arjun had been sitting with them in the morning but had left for some work in the afternoon.

"Su have you decided?"

"What do I need to decide?"

"About Arjun bhaiya of course?"

"Shivani I still don't know if I can accepet being his girlfriend . I really like him but I am not ready for any sort of relationship.'

"Look Su you don't need to rush things. I know Arjun bhaiya has a major crush on you since last year but his feelings run deeper than a crush.However you are dear to me as a sister so I don't want you to take any decision based on hurry."

"Shivani let me decide till the end of this vacation."

"Shivani come downstairs for evening tea. Arjun has brought your favourite dal kachoris."

Shivani and Sunaina both loved dal kachoris.

After having delicious kachoris Sunaina rushed to the terrace because suddenly it had started to rain.

Sunaina loved to dance in the rain.She was laughing and dancing joyfully with Shivani when Shivani was called downstairs.

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