The Heart's Whisper (Part 2, page 2 of 5)

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Part 2

​I turned my attention to him, " Hi, um...your sitting in my place," Lame. What was wrong with me?

" It's the second time we meet and you still haven't asked for my name Scarlet. Why is that?" He asked me with this casual tone as if we know each other since we were babies. I secretly liked that but didn't show it.

​" What's your name?"

​" Well, finally! It took you long enough. I'm Liam," he sais teasing me.

​" Well than Liam, you are in my seat, so could you go sit somewhere else,"

​Unfortunately for me, my highschool is one that has 2 chairs for each desk, so when I let my eyes wonder over the class, I realize that there is only one available, the one next to him. Not that I would've mind sitting next to him, but what he could do to my heart scared me, because even though love can be blind, stupid, unpredictable and unconditional, I knew that love can be our greatest strength, as well as it can be what breaks you. So yeah, I was terrified from what he was capable to do to my heart. Sitting down I peeked at him from the corners of my eyes, and caught him looking at me with a look of curiosity in his eyes. That's when I understood that he was aware of his effect on the girls, so decided to not show mine. He seemed arrogant and well, hot as hell, and he knew it.

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