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Part 1

Sometimes everything you ever searched for is love, being able to love someone above all and being loved in return. This is what I wanted for a long time, even though I never knew it before I met him. With bright blue eyes that captivate you, with hair as dark as the sky without the moon, and a smile that could melt your heart. He wasn't perfect. Far from it if you think, but he was perfect enough for me. I'm not perfect either, and I wouldn't dream of being perfect for him. You see, I have green eyes, and curly blond-brown-bronze hair, my body not perfect either but good enough. I used to idolize love, not that I had ever felt something for anyone other than the brotherly love I felt for my friends, but from what I read in books. Ever since I saw him that first day, I found myself craving something I didn't have before, ever. A single look on those eyes and I was drowning in there depths, and was happy about it. But what really startled me was my heart; it was beating so fast that it created this sound, so soft and windy, almost like a whisper. And I recognized it immediately as love. I was saying all of this in my mind that moment, it took me half a second. So as you can see, I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't hear anyone approaching me. But suddenly he was right there asking me about my name. I turn my head in his direction not looking in his eyes this time and say

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