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Part 1

The only things I could was my rapid breathing, my feet slapping against the floor, and music. It was all roaring into my ears. I run as fast as I can around the town gym. I’m trying to get into shape for track.

One of my favorite songs, Happier by Marshmellow, comes on. I stop and look around me to see if anyone was in the gym with me. I don’t see anyone so I start running again. This time slower so I can sing to the song.

Once the song is over I feel as though I’ve done enough for the day. I grab my phone and backpack.I don't see anyone so I start running again. This time slower so I can sing to the song.

Once the song is over I feel like i’ve done enough for the day so I grab my backpack and phone. Then I hear a voice.

“Wow,” it was a male. He sounded about my age. So about 15. I turn my face towards him and I feel the color fade and I know I look frightened (and pale for that matter). I start to freak out when he comes around the other entrance. I sprint out the opposite door. I hear him trying to come after me.

“Wait turn around!” he yells. “Hey blondie turn around!” he repeats. I run out of the building and run straight home.

“Michelle? Elle is that you?” My step father Dave asks. Well he’s kinda my stepdad. He and my mom have been dating for a long time. My mom says she’s never getting ,arrived because she’s already “married” to us kids.

I shut the door. “Yeah it’s me”

“Where on earth were you?”

“I told you, everyday after school that I would be at the gym. Do you not listen to anything I say?”

“Oh right. Well you can’t tomorrow.”

“What?! Why not!?”

“Because your mom and I need you to babysit your brother and sister. JJ can take care of himself.”

“Well why can’t you guys or JJ because I am trying out for track. Plus drama tryouts if I want to be in that play.”

“Well you know your mom has to work, JJ has baseball practice and I’m going up north for the rest of the week and the weekend to.”

“Well that’s dumb.” I say unter my breath.


“Nothing. Fine I’ll do it but I get paid in whatever you bring back.” I joke

“Haha yeah right.” He laughs.

I start up the stairs when my little brother, Maxwell or Max, ran right past me with my little sister Elizabeth or Lizy trailing behind him.

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