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Part 2

Chapter No: TWO.


From the last chapter, we learn that a sylph came to EKACHAKRAPURAM by train and to her query about the way to reach the mansion of M.L.A. Vasanthan, an old man warned her to return home pronto as he was a philanderer and her life would be spoiled but she spurnednd his advice and strutted across the fields. As usual, four rowdies, raucous, disorderly, uncultured, aggressive, rude, noisy trouble maker bully, ruffians, hooligans, neds, roughnecks, yobos, yobs and low class youngsters stalked after her but she fought cudgel play with them and thrashed them to death. Then, she continued her journey in search of her destination. After praying the Lord Vinayaga, she reached the place where orgy was held. To their queries, she told them blatant lies and concealed her real identity from them.

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Like a roving vagabond, the mysterious girl was wandering through the streets of Ekachakrapuram after attending the orgy event.

While she was walking down the street, a middle aged man queried. “It seems that you are stranger to this village. Is there any relative here in this village?”

Our mysterious girl replied politely: “Yes, I am a stranger to this place. I have many relatives in this village and they are related to Vasanthan. I am going to buy the entire village. That’s why I have come here.” She replied mockingly.

The middle aged man looked at her up and down and thought that she must be mentally retarded. He left shaking his head to mind his business.

After walking a few steps, she asked a vendor:” Can you direct me to Vasanthan’ s residence?”

The vendor looked at her up and down as other did and asked her, “Do you want to go to his residence or do you want to meet him?:

“I want to meet him.”

“He is not at his residence but in the open ground.”

“Why? Doesn’t he have his own residence? Has he come to the open ground?”

“I can’t answer to your impudent questions,” She heard him saying the words but she crossed the vendor without turning back.

It was the open ground which was fenced on all four sides with bamboos and in the middle of the spacious open ground there held a feat, fencing. There was a big stage facing east and the M.L.A. was sitting on a royal throne and on either side,, there were his relatives and behind him there were seats where his men occupied and were watching the event. His original age was forty but in his minister white dress, white shirt and white dhoti, he seemed to be younger, thirty years old and was wearing cooling glass to conceal the crow’s feet. His nicotine lips, measured dyed moustache, cleanly shaved face to reveal its black complexion, narrow temple, wig head, a diamond studded wrist watch, and diamond rings adorning his two fingers on his dextral hand and a minor chain around his neck, medium sized constitution; these are the brief description of his personality

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