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Part 3


Born in a family of drummer, Vasanthan’s parents were marauders, close relative of CM who was an upstart, started his career as a cocktologist, and joined the Dravidian party and became the owner of the arrack shop by treachery. Vasanthan’ s parents also joined the arrack shop and worked actively in the political party. He bribed the people and made them fool to win the election. He assassinated the minister and became the CM having his own group of ministers. Abusing power, he swindled a lot of money and Ekachakrapuram became his centre of politics.

Nagini, his elder sister fell in love with Rahman, a Muslim boy during school life and kept him as a domestic partner. He bribed the Muslims and gave them government lands to construct any building as they liked. Money and power silenced the Muslims and supported Vasanthan to win the election and he became an M.L.A. On the advice of Vasanthan, Rahman married a Christian girl, Daisy whose parents, initially opposed the marriage but money and power played a vital role to make them accept the marriage as they received two acres of lad for their use. By marital contact, he received mass support from these two religious leaders who were benefitted monetarily and religiously.

Rahman’s wife, Daisy won the election and became V.A.O and Nagini became the owner of arrack industry and earned a lot of money.

Angel collected as much information as possible about the family of Vasanthan from the car driver. She directed him to drop her at the railway station but he hesitated sine he was directed by Vasanthan to do so.

“Don’t worry. I will ring up to him and convey the message” “She rang up to Vasanthan and informed him about her change of plan by travelling by train.

Then she turned to the side of the car driver and told him, “I informed the message to our boss, now you can take leave of me.”

The car driver wagged his hand and started the car. Till the car evanesced from her sight, she was looking at the car and once it disappeared from her sight, she entered into the station and walked towards the ticket counter,

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