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Part 6


It was a week end holiday day.

As usual the busy life of city began. The dazzling sun brightened the city by its golden rays.

The omnipresent God was activating every man and creature as per His Master Plan’

The minute hand of the wall clock was embracing the number 12 while the hour hand, seven.

The sunrays peeped through the windows, glass windows of the bed room where Shankar and the twins were sleeping in buff.

Shankar was so handsome, smart and adorable that he was such a beaut and Gynophilic while the twins, Adhira and Anusuya were Androphilic and seemly and shagtastic.

Shankar woke up as he felt some heavy thing was on his body though he was able to bear the weight of the heavy thing on his naked body. In a few seconds he understood that the heavy thing which was resting on his body was nothing but the twin’s part of their body; it’s Adhira who was draping her thigh, sinistral thigh upon his belly while Anusuya was hugging him and draping her dextral thigh on his belly, thus they were sleeping in their “Tangle sleeping position”

Nether his nose was a bare breast heaving as that of sea waves according to the rhythm of her inhaling and exhaling of breath. He identified that it was Anusuya whose breast was nether his nose and who was draping her thigh upon his belly while the breast of Adhira was speaking into his ear.

The twins were penchant for Shankar and he, vice versa. As they were his fiancé, they were more free than usual and had no hesitation or qualm for pre-coition. Moreover, it’s his wont to wear condom if he would prefer penetrative sex and sometimes, unless the twins wished him for penetrative sex, he would perform his foreplay only. As he was a virtuoso in the field of consummation and especially foreplay and cunnilingus, the twins were penchant for him.

Now when he caught the sight of her bare breast touching his mouth, his lips dilated like python to swallow its prey and in a few seconds, the thelium of Anusuya resorted to his mouth and got nibbled.

No sooner did his mouth caught the thelium of Anusuya and get it nibbled, than Anusuya woke up and was tempted to derive boobgasm for which she moved a few feet from her position and appressed her bare breast to his mouth and whispered softly,” Good Morning, darling. Morning show welcomes you.” She used ribaldry.

Shankar winked at her to mean, “Good Morning” and his lazy hand became active to slide through downward slope from her navel region and finally rested on her Mons.

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