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Part 7


Let’s return to Ekaharapuram.

Vasanthan woke up as the sun rays peeped through the windows of the bed room and his bleary eyes caught sight of his concubine who was lying very close to him stark nakedly. The temperature of the room was normal, neither too cool nor very hot but warm to sleep comfortably.

His bleary eyes caught the sight of her boobez, bathykolpian beau seins and imprinted a lovely osculation on her sinistral boob, bitty, and his fingers floobed them like copaphelia gently by which her comfortable sleep turned into uncomfortable to cause her buds of eyes open, bleary eyes that were as red as that of her vaginal fissure in which his dextral hand finger, middle finger was lying sluggishly as it was penetrated three hours before.

Born in the family of toilers, she had her education in the Christian missionary school and was doing service in the church and she was transferred to Ekachakarapuram church as a nun to convert the other religious people into Christianity and her charming appearance was unsuitable to her holy service and the holiest Bishop blessed her naked body when she asked him for money to send to her poor parents and the next day she was kidnapped by the goons of Vasanthan and seeing her charming appearance as well as her gumption, Vasanthan graced her and blessed her to be one of his concubines, to perform holy service to him during night in his bed every night. Her parents, at the request of hr, came to Ekaharapuram and seeing her rich position in the palace of Vasanthan, were delighted to enjoy the heavenly life in the fort of Vasanthan and soon her father became a member of Camarilla. A cloud of oblivion shrouded her parents and they forgot which religion they belonged to.

Vasanthan had a grievance and this secret desire was known only to the deceased Thomas who, in his inebriated condition, blabbered:” Boss, if you’re very particular to fair complexion, Brahmin girls are only suitable to your taste but they are as cunning as jackal. So, your people and Muslim girls only are suitable for you.”

There was not even a Brahmin family in Ekachakarapuram. There were one hundred Brahmin families before the advent of Vasanthan to that village and after his arrival, all the Brahmin families left the village and scattered in different directions as if Vasanthan were a robber. In due course, some joined in the Central Government posts while others settled in USA in highest positions. At present the village consisted of Christians, Muslims, converted Christians, Dalit, tribal people and Paraiyars.

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