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It's a big village, in Thirur District, just eight kilometers from Thirur and an important junction to connect the Southern parts of South India.

It was a Brunel season.

Early in the morning the artistic golden sun got up like a baby and started painting the dark black sky into a bright azure sky. The silvery milky clouds got up from slumber and started travelling around the sky visiting the wonderful environment. The whitest snow was skimming through the mounds like a lover skimming through her mounds. Next to the mountains and near to the forest there was a brook with ivory white water splashing down to the river as if someone was pouring milk from the cliff. The tan coloured smart chubby farmer with a checked shirt was driving his tractor on the muddy road. Long, tall brown and green paddy fields looked like someone has spread a green dusty bed sheet. Fresh windy cool and crispy air started whistling like an invisible ghost. The red and green birds with chill like beak started twitting their morning melody. The enormous garden stood like a royal palace and the thick dried strong brown big branches danced welcoming the morning. The green brown beautiful countless leaves whispered to each other about their morning plans. In the morning the big buzzing bumble bees swarmed up in the air in glad searching for sweet honey. The huge trees swung in the wind greeting good morning. The small colourful cute butterflies danced all around the environment looking for sweet nectar. The flower’s fragrance filled the whole environment making the morning pleasant. Bushy thorny crispy bushes had tiny twigs on them. The women, wearing a tired and a lazy face were working in the fields, a monotonous work.. The children woke up in the morning and started playing freely beside the river. The morning seemed so self-calming.

A local passenger train bound for North India, hooted by disturbing the silent atmosphere of the village and arrived at on the second platform and took rest for five minutes and during this short time, many merchants with their merchandise entrained while the few passengers detrained with their luggage and among them was a vicenarian girl, in her rustic dress sighed and asked one of the passengers:" Is the main road nearby the station or faraway from here?"

An old man in his vernacular language replied:" Only one kilometer. But if you go across the field, you can minimize half kilometer. A century ago, the road was metaled but now you can find stones only and the tar disappeared from the road." He paused and then asked her," it seems that you are new to this place, isn't it?"

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