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Part 4


The hour hand and the minute hand of the Electronic wall clock, hanging on the blue painted wall, were hugging together at the 12th number to indicate that it was mid night. It looked like that of the twins snuggling their heads onto the broad bosom of Shankar. The dim light of the air-condoner was emitting the rays towards the hall especially towards Shankar and the twins as a voyeur by which it facilitated Sharmila to peep through the scene as if she were randy. It’s enigmatic how their moans woke her up.

Like a snake charmer transfixing the cobra, Sharmila was astonished as well as staggered on seeing that raunchy scene.

Like a plenilune peeing through the tree tops, he was peeping at Sharmila now and then to confirm whether she was in deep sleep or not. But the twins, indulged in hedonism, felt immense pleasure while he was caressing their bare backs since their nighty were stripped down to their necks so as to render him facility to fondle their bare backs.

Athira, noted down Shankar and sussed out for his peeping at Sharmila who was feigning as if she were in slumber, a quiescent state. So, she whispered softly to Shankar,” If you want secluded place, shall we go to the inner chamber??

Shankar nodded his head slightly and signed at them to get themselves ready inside the inner chamber.

Next moment, Athira and Anusuya tiptoed quietly towards the inner chamber followed by Shankar and then the door was bolted inside. Shunned away the avid desire to be a voyeur, Sharmila felt one of the strata of sexual excitement.

Aarvi, Mishita and Aanshi, woke up but didn’t get up in the bed as they’re disturbed by the moans and noise made by the door while closing and bolting inside. They chuckled and glanced at the closed door.

The tribunes were teenagers who were aware of the fact that Shankar and the twins were hot to trot (keen to do something, especially to have sex) and obviously they were also inclined to become horny and obsessed to beat the beaver.

Many myths and misconceptions continue to spread the idea that masturbation is somehow harmful to health. However, masturbating may have several health benefits.

Deciding whether to masturbate or not is a personal choice. However, masturbating may have several positive effects, including boosting hormones and chemicals that promote positive emotions, feelings, and sensations.

Meanwhile, most negative effects associated with masturbation focus on how someone feels about the act itself, rather than the physical implications on the body.

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