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Part 5

5 – Die-Hard Foodie: From aloo posto to maacher jhol to paayesh to some hot spicy mutton kosha be prepared to be pampered to the core with mouth-watering dishes that makes up her existence. Bengalis predominantly live to eat and love cooking that they consider an art. When you have one of them as the girlfriend, it indeed makes everyday a treat with different dishes of delicious taste that calls for celebration on an everyday basis.

6 – Multi-Talented Persona: Bengali girls grow up amidst a rich cultural setting that leads to their childhood years being spent in different activities like drawing, painting, dance, recitations apart from studies. So your girlfriend makes for a multi-talented person who has a passion that she pursues in her free time. So be sure that you are not to get any calls and messages cribbing and crying that you are not giving her time, for she is too busy with her own world that makes up her passions, her dreams and of her loved interests to be precise.

7 – Her Caring Attitude: She is going to be an extremely caring and passionately romantic girlfriend yet who isn’t clingy for the matter. She is to pamper you to the core, shower you with thoughtful gestures, buy you gifts and is sure to make you feel special on an everyday basis in a thousand of ways that is sure to bowl you over even after dating this gem for years.

If you happen to date a Bengali girl, better keep her, for you might not get luckier in love again.

Sharmila, being a Bengali, was a scofflaw but a trendy and she clung to the conventional pre-marital nookie or rumpy-pumpy as that of in the western counties.

In that strange place, when she was subject to masturbation by Aarvi, she felt nervous and hence she constricted her thighs to hide her pudendum from being seen by her intimate. When Sharmila got her boobs floobed by Aarvi who was a boob floober, she suspired and was tossing her head on the pillow slightly , which was noticed by Aarvi and she whispered softly in her breathy voice by lauding that hers was bathykolpian:” Yours are fantabulous, dear.”

“Thank you for your compliments,” said Sharmila in her whispering voice and asked her,” May I look at your boobs?”

“Permission is not required, baby.” Aarvi replied by floobing on her erect and spathic pleasure pillows.

Sharmila stretched out her hand and stripped down her nighty to her neck by rolling it up to bare her bosom and pudendum as that of anasyrma.

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