Sweetened to be Bitter (Part 1, page 2 of 3)

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Part 1

My mother- Hayley seemed aware of my thoughts and told me blatantly that dreaming were for fools. She was beautiful in a stern way with blazing red fire hair and mint green eyes. She scared me sometimes, but it was easy to like her on a good day. Perhaps for her beauty my father showed his affections towards her most favourably, perhaps maybe it was her proportional physique or maybe it was both. I would never know. Being a good sisterwife and mother was what she implored me of often. It all seemed very tiring.

I saw the jealousy and contempt that each wife would face when there was too much attention shown to the other. I saw the weariness that overcame the men with large families to provide for. Nothing of that seemed fun, especially to me who wanted to sail off to somewhere without the restrictions and rules I had learned to live by.

I was upsided down when I heard the trampling of small feet and giggles.

"Justice!" It was one of my smaller sisters, Janice, who I saw running, tugging a reluctant boy her age behind her. Of course she knew where to find me. Any one who knew me well did. She stopped right below me, panting slightly as she tried to catch her breath.

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