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Part 1

My time under the apple tree, when I was not interrupted by the calling voices of my parents who wished me to do their bidding, was always the best time in the Harmony compound for me as I allowed myself the pleasure of solitude- something I had little of with 18 brothers and sisters, a father who seemed to ordain control over whoever he pleased and four formidable sister wives with watchful eyes. I climbed as high as I could without getting into trouble and showcasing beneath my dress.

The sunset made up for it. The yellow and orange glow was beautiful, worthy to be captured on a canvas rather than just the glance of the eye. My slender looking fingers reached out to the fading glow as it disappeared, hoping I could go along with it. To an exotic place maybe. Free of controlling parents or the priesthood men who came by our house often to request the marriage of my older sisters or the ugly dresses that covered my ankles. This place would have none of that but only sunsets that never faded and prickly sand and those fancy coloured drinks with umbrellas that seemed to make people creazy.

I never did understand where my obscene obsession with running away. A fruitless thing when you've only known one place your entire life. I mean, where I could I possibly go to? Not the beach certainly since I had no idea where to find one;

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