Sweetened to be Bitter (Part 2, page 2 of 4)

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Part 2

"Father Mark has done nothing but accept us into his home and family, yet you rebel against his kind treatments by disobeying orders and the other sister wives. Sister wife Gretchen told me she caught you talking to-to that boy in the archard yesterday. Do you know what will happen if the prophet finds out?!" What started as a whisper ended in a shout and then panting as she rubbed her pregnant belly. "Keep sweet," she chanted to herself. I see now that sister Gretchen deserved him too.

"I beg to differ mother, that if he could put us out he would have done so long ago. He hardly has enough space as is." A jibe. Four wives and twenty children. Our presence would bound to go unnoticed if not rejoiced if it ever were to happen.

I went to tie the white apron around my waist and slip on the white old sneakers. "Be careful Justice. This is your last and final warning," a threat spoken softly yet clear to my ears.

I heard her pad away and just stood there for a moment. I refused to allow myself to think of those consequences for there were so many. None of which frightening the most than being married to someone twice my age and popping out babies whenever I could. I saw how men treated the women here, obedience above all else close to second with submission. I couldn't do it. . . yet if I didn't there would be no place here for me and the mere fact I knew no life outside of the Harmony compound

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