Sundara Kãnda - Hanuman’s Odyssey (Part 9, page 1 of 1)

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Part 9

Canto 8 - Pushpak’s Prowess

End to end he searched Pushpak

Cover he could not all its ground.

Wonder that was Pushpak called

Like the one that never conceived.

Abodes of gods ’n angels too

Add up not to Pushpak’s tail.

It had in itself to change

Needs to suit of who owns it,

Got it Ravan not for song

For he had to shed his blood.

When in flight it acquires speed

Synch which would with pilot’s mind.

Presence of it then got Lanka

Preeminence in all three worlds.

Frescos it had men in rows

With that vigorous look on them.

Amidst vernal season then

Looked Pushpak like Flower Mountain.

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