Sundara Kãnda - Hanuman’s Odyssey (Part 7, page 1 of 2)

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Part 7

Canto 6 - Precincts to Beat

Having recouped from despair

Roamed then Hanuman all the more.

Entered he then Admin block

Came with face-to-face palace.

Keep at bay as lions poachers

Looked all scary palace guards.

Archways silver, gateways gold

Made that look like heaven on earth.

Vigil while some kept on elephants

Rode others tireless horses there.

Guards had ivory chariots there

Wheels of which were made of gold.

Facades had all well cut gems

Furniture there lay out of world.

Deer as ran fast in their stride

Birds went helter-skelter then.

Like a diamond in the sky

Lay there palace of Ravan.

Wore there dames all such jewels

Made which them all seem angels.

Lay shaking hands sandal trees

And that gave it woods like look.

Kettledrums as raised high decibels

Conchs in chambers blared in scores.

Ocean like spread had that fort

Paved its rooftop with rare gems.

Such was splendour of that place

Gaped it Hanuman wonder-struck.

Felt of Ravan’s place he then

As the jewel crown of worlds.

Left he none there bush to search

Peeped he then through all windows.

Done with dwellings of hirelings

Prahastha’s mansion then he reached.

Kumbhakarn ’n Vibhishan

Ravan’s siblings both of them

Lived in mansions magnificent.

Went in Hanuman one by one

Quarters there of eminent men.

Entered he then abodes of

Vidyunmal ’n Vidyujjivih.

Spared he not the places of

Sons of Ravan in his search.

Sumali’s palace he sauntered

Jambumali’s own not to spare.

Hurried Hanuman in his search

Of Math’s as well Yuddhonmath’s.

Into Sukana’s house he went

Came he out of Vikata’s place.

Got as he in Vakra’s suite

Lost his privacy latter then.

Karala’s residence came under

Hanuman’s scanner along with

Pisaacha’s palace that was next.

In his search of Seetha thus

Laid he bare there all nobles.

Having drawn blank with Lieutenants’

Quarters he searched then General’s.

Hideous ogresses at the gates

Guarded Ravan’s high fortress.

Fearful they looked head to foot

Carried weapons they weird in shape.

As though to catch foes in flight

Harnessed scores were horses there.

Battle hardened elephants then

In their hundreds he found there.

Mountain-like they move in wars

Make they enemies run for life.

Shiver all mighty down the spine

When they come to hear trumpets.

In their gold shields soldiers all

Glittered then like mid-day sun.

Found he there all palanquins gold

Galleries filled with masters’ works.

Gyms as there for body builders

Parks to peck for lovers there were.

Ravan’s place was mountain like

Peacocks there strolled on their toes.

Flags there fluttered in their scores

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