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Part 6

Canto 5 - Life in Lanka

Moon in time came overhead

Raged he bull like in cow-pen.

Kept he darkness all at bay

Seemed to dispel sins of men.

Rays his splendid in columns

Sparkled lotus-like in prime.

In those high skies full of clouds

Seemed he like one swan encaged.

Spot his that was well visible

Appeared like a well-horned bull.

Light the king of stars as shed

Fell that on his cousin blooming

Brought that latter’s spots luster.

Like the king on diamond throne

Shone as well the moon that night.

Ambience moonlight enticed all

Mates estranged to warm embrace.

Went as wanton to walk streets

Women married were ever eager

To mate their men they loved to core.

Men there were no less in scores

Gulped who by then pint or more.

Some of them as tried to boast

Rest in fistcuffs took to brawls.

Tried to shake their stupor as some

Others took amorous routes to mates.

Full of smiles were women fulfilled

Heaved though heavy then unfulfilled.

Roared as skies then like trumpets

Swore soldiers like hissing snakes.

Saw he many there sober souls

Took place debates informed then.

Found he many an ugly folk

Were they none the less decent.

Women wondrous had virtuous mates

Matched they stars of cloudless skies.

Birds as hidden by flowering buds

Women charming lay in male arms.

Went to their men women in want

Fondlers they turned to rouse them.

Women lovelorn who rivalled moon

Lacked as they mates turned all pale.

Men all who had women to mate

Love they made to them all night.

Eye lashes of dove-eyed dames

Hid their eyes in thick black veils,

Jewels that those wore in scores

Cast a charming light on them.

None of them though made him feel

Seetha could be one of them.

Forlorn Seetha he knew well

Would be lost in Rama’s thought.

Saw he none of that anguish

In them Seetha would have felt.

In her agonized mood Seetha

Won’t she look like that crescent

Screened by thick dark clouds in skies?

Failed as he to find Seetha

Nonplussed was then Vayu’s son.

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