Sundara Kãnda - Hanuman’s Odyssey (Part 4, page 1 of 2)

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Part 4

Canto 3 - Prelude to Entry

Having hovered in the skies

Landed Hanuman in Lanka.

Bypassed Hanuman those sentries

Manned who Lanka’s gates all there.

Such was mirth of Lankans then

Matched in decibels roars of seas

Graced that place with soothing breeze.

Lived there people strong ’n stout

Carved were elephants on main gates.

Of the star-filled bluish skies

Mirror image so Lanka seemed.

Unfurled sea breeze Lankan flags

Unleashed tinkles their trinkets.

Onto Lankan wall he jumped

Got he then a bird’s-eye view.

Doors there all were gold plated

Paved were verandahs with corals.

Facades were all filled with gems

Rooftops there had gold elephants.

Cat’s eyes inlaid staircases

Furnished well were drawing rooms.

In tandem with those tinkles

Emanated from women’s jewels

Bird calls rent air from courtyards.

Wide-eyed he then stared for long

At such splendour never equalled.

Marveled as he at such wealth

Thoughts his turned to Ravan’s might.

Guarded as well Lanka thus

Is there scope for entry then?

But Kumud, Angad, Sushena too

Might stand chance as Maind and Dwivid.

Not to speak of Lord Sugreev

Kusaparv, Jambavan, Ketumal, and I no less.

Be that as it may Lanka

Stands no chance with Ram Lakshman.

Won’t look Lanka like a dame

With these dwellings as ear-rings

And its workshops her huge boobs?

Lights with its on won’t Lanka

Look like woman in white saree?

Got wind of him Lankin then

Deity Lanka’s that huge fiend.

Came she forthwith in his way

Hideous with her frame so large.

Lost she no time to confront

Him in her tone that was harsh.

Value if thou life thy now

Make a clean breast of thyself.

How it entered thy little head

Sneak thou might in Ravan’s land?

Undaunted said thus Hanuman:

Dared as thee to address thus

May I know now who art thou?

With thy hideous looks and all

Why thee stand guard at this time?

Then the deity in response

Spoke to Hanuman in disdain.

Guard I Lanka day ’n night

Serve I Ravan in good faith.

Tuck thy tail and run for life

Lest thy soul should rest in peace.

That thou realized who I am

Make haste now ’n beat retreat.

Hanuman at this grew so huge

Matching Lankin pound for pound.

Having come thus face to face

Hanuman then her thus addressed.

As I heard of thy Lanka

Know I came as just tourist.

All I want is to saunter

All through Lanka in leisure.

With that Lankin lost her cool

Flared she thus at Hanuman then.

Enough of cunning O simian

Dare if thou cross swords with me.

Acting then all innocent

Addressed Hanuman thus Lankin:

Seek as I to see thy place

Wonder why thou make big fuss?

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