Sundara Kãnda - Hanuman’s Odyssey (Part 2, page 1 of 7)

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Part 2

1 - Hurdles in Skies

Egged on by peers Vayu’s son

Enshrined by man as Hanuman

Enthused himself to shoulder

Search of Seetha, Rama’s spouse

Snared whom Ravan to Lanka

Sea across that hundred leagues.

With his head then held so high

Gained he size for task on hand.

On that Mahendra mountain then

Colossus like he sauntered there.

Uprooted were trees all those

Brushed as with his chest that strong.

Varied hues of elements there

Made that mountain resplendent.

Grace angels those hill ranges

For their honeymoon so near moon.

At length he reached that hilltop

Lay where elephants in their scores.

Besides Brahma ’n Surya

Prayed he Indra and Vayu.

Facing east he sought blessings

Of Vayu then his Wind God dad

And grew more by turning south.

Grew as Hanuman more and more

To cross that sea vast as it roared

With full tides of full-moon night

Came he face to face with clouds.

As though to test that mountain

Whether it’s right for his take-off

Tapped it Hanuman with his feet.

Shook that mountain his impinge

Shed trees flowers of hues varied.

Flowers all fell then covered it full

Spread they fragrance far and wide.

Welled out water in thick springs

Such was pressure of Hanuman’s feel.

From the cracks it developed thus

Creaked out molten metals varied.

While huge boulders slid in scores

Out came smoke in thick columns.

With that squeeze it came under

Cried all creatures in their caves.

Frightened was no less wildlife

Heard were their howls world over.

In their state of confusion

Serpents with all fiery fangs

Marks of swastik on their hoods

Spewed then venom in profusion.

Venom they spit was fireball like

Turned to tiny stones there rocks.

Herbs of anti-venom were there

Turned though antidote none of them.

Felt all yogis spirit at play

Took to their heels demigods then.

Not to speak of vessels of gold

In their fright gods left all goods.

In panic they left mid-meal

Thought they none of gold armour.

In their sodden demeanours then

Reached they all their heavenly homes.

Amorous angels in their scores

Built their love-nests in those skies.

Ascetics of earth ascended

For bird’s eye view of Hanuman’s feat.

Heard all averments of siddhas

As well seers all stationed there.

Hill like Hanuman is all set

Agile as ether to cross seas.

It was vanar Lord Sugreev

That sent him on Ram’s errand.

Angels there who heard those words

Looked at Hanuman then wide-eyed.

Raring to go then Hanuman

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