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Part 3

The roast beef melted delishously in my mouth along with Nana's potatoe salad that was to die I knew how it looked. Me stuffing my face like a starved caveman who hadn't eaten in days, which was partly true, and Nana staring at me like she always did...with disapproval.

"You gonna tell me where those bruises come from or more importantly why I got rid of the girls to let your sorry ass in?" Her question of interest made me roll my eyes a little.

Of course she would think some soap apra was a big sacrifice on her part in order to help me. Her greying hair flowed in gentle waves to her shoulder, green eyes that were bright yet somewhat dull that hid themselves behind her glasses and wrinkle free skin which meant the botox treatment was working well. The grandmother I always knew.

Another fork of mashed potatoes, I was ready to talk. "Nana, you know how clumsy I can get. Remember when I broke that Italian vase?" Distraction was good. That way she didn't have to ask questions that I didn't have the answers to and knowing her she would spend the next hour or so telling me how much she paid for it and the famous 'When I was your age' speech that would follow.

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