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Part 1

Hello to my readers: My bookies are fictional in nature but sometimes I dabble a little in what is going on here in America. One time I hit on Latrogenic Disease which is a fancy way doctors explain when a patient dies and they don't know what that person actually died from and the practice of Cryogenic Look up Ted Willams.

With the up coming election I want to inform you on different Country 's Status so you can check it out yourself by doing more research online or at the library of the different statuses and make up your own mind on what kind of country you want to live in .Then vote for the politicians that matches you agenda the closest. I am so tired of the He Said She said, They do We do, He will She will back and forth nonsense our country's leaders are throwing out at us .I'm just going to be very general but you can check this out for yourself.

In politics from day one it has been fair to go after other politicians and especially one's opponent but it had been hands off on the general public but the race in 2016 that for some reason that was thrown off the table where the elderly took the most verbal abuse there was. If you're younger and don't have an elderly person at home then talk to an elderly person Elderly people of every ethnic background was taught to respect everybody. People do not like being called names and they were called everything from idiots to a basket of deplorables, repulsive despicable who didn't know where their heads or hearts was.

Here in the United States every legal register voter should be able to vote for whomever they want without being called those kind of names. I for one have seen the effects of some of these politicians with their policies have made it worse for the average American. I worked hard for thirty years sometimes only make six dollars and twenty five cents an hour. When I finally had to quit due to health concerns I was making eight dollars an hour and I do not get the fourteen hundred a month from society security as some people gets.

Maybe people in certain positions when they retire does but that is the exception. I had a lot of my pay taken out for social security and I don't receive even five hundred a month. I will never will live long enough to get all of the money I put I saw where the lawmakers in Washington DC used the society funds for their pet projects leaving IOU's that will never be reimburse back into that fund so when a businessman a total outsider asked voters of the United States to give him a chance then asked what do you have to lose. I thought of the things I lost and things I still had and didn't want to lose anymore of my possessions so I took a chance on that person and voted my conscience.

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