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Part 3

The Winchester family wasn't the only big family in Hazelton. The Hazelton's great grandfather founded the town and also had a good size family. They also attended the same church just not as often as the Winchesters did. Joseph's father best friend Will ran for senator then came back and forth from Washington DC. His son Will had a son who went to school with Joseph and Mary.

His name was Bryson. Bryson followed his father's footsteps and ran for senator also. His brother Nathan went to law school and became a Washington DC supreme court Judge. Will Hazelton would soon retire and came home to stay, leaving Bryson and Nathan in Washington DC. Will's brother a non union electrician name Chris had went to electrician school and grew a business hiring other electricians from the trade school and took care of most of the town's electrical problems.

Old lady Jones was a member of that family. She was the oldest of the three Hazelton girls. She married Judge Jones's son Howard. They raised two children. Both of the Jones's children had families of their own. It seem like they really wasn't interested in any thing other than running the Hazelton lumber yard. One of her daughter's daughter whom old lady Jones wanted to be a grandmother by. She didn't seem to be in a hurry to have a baby though. Finally when Mary Winchester was due with their fourth child Marcy.

Old lady Jones found out that her granddaughter Maria was pregnant and her wish to be a great grandmother was coming true. Her great grand daughter Elizabeth was born just a month after Marcy. When Mary Winchester became pregnant with their youngest child again old lady Jones found out she was going to be another great grandmother by the same grand daughter Maria. Again Maria delivered a little girl this time two months before Mary Winchester gave birth to Margret.

Their local physician Dr. Howard Anderson and his wife Sandra had three children. Their oldest son Marcus followed in his father's footstep and was a very well like administrator at the next big town's Veterans Health Clinic / Home. Their second child was a daughter who became a member of the town's city council Their youngest son had become the owner of the town's only barber / beauty shop. He had several barbers and beauticians working out of his business. They leased space from him paying so much a month in rent then they would schedule their own time and had their own clients

the Houston family also had three children who grew up and went to college to become teachers The Alexanders had two children who became pharmacist and bought a building and became the town's only drug store together. They had hired three to six employees. A couple of their employees did nothing but deliver medications to the town's only nursing home plus individuals who couldn't or didn't want to get out to pick up their medications

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