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Part 4

It wasn't long after a new group of senators and congressmen took their oaths that Senator Will Hazelton heard rumors of what the group was up to. He had dinner at the Whitehouse with the president. he inform him that there was rumor going around the capital building. If it was true every one that stood for capitalism would suffer a great lost. It was going to start with the group of law makers turning the government to being a socialist country at first then a socialist dictatorship and finally full fledge communist country.

It would be sweet and simple and would have most if not all citizens behind them until it was to late to do anything about it. He told the President that he was going to retire and go home to prepare a safe haven not only for the citizens of Hazelton but also for the President's family and enough of his cabinet as he could and the right members of the senate and congress that could and would reverse the country back to it's standing.

While Will was getting a check up and being hospitalized to make his retirement story credible there was a closed door session of the new senate and it was discussed step by step. The first step was passing legislation on cutting carbon emission control. Pass legislation on government healthcare program and free college for all by raising taxes on the working class plus reducing Medicare and Social Security payments for the elderly.

Senator Will Hazelton announced in a closed meeting that his doctor advise him to retire so he was handing over his reins to his junior senator and left for home. He didn't like to he had a meeting with Bryson and Nathan in a secluded place and informed them when things got really bad he needed both of them to do what need to be done to keep the first family and the cabinet safe with out raising a red flag.

They discussed how to get accomplished. When he left they were on the same page. The young men didn't question him. They also had heard the same Bryson were ashamed of their co senators and members of the congress for passing those new legislations. Nathan being a supreme court judge suspected there was amiss up in the air. He told Bryson and Nathan to be very careful.

Senator Will Hazelton didn't waste any time when he arrived back home. He called for a get together at his home. His guest included the mayor, business owners that he knew and consider good friends, a couple of the city doctors that was also his family's doctor and trusted family members. He didn't know how much he should keep to himself. His plans had to get accomplished in a very short time.. The community insiders was worried about his health He didn't like using an fake illness but that was the safest way.

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