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Part 2

Joseph Winchester was born in the Midwest on mothers day early in the morning. just about sunrise. . In the next bed was a Mrs. Chandler who just had a little girl which she named Mary. Both the Winchester and Chandler families lived in the same town. They even went to the same church. They took their children to the same park to play. They two children went to the same school. They often saw each other at the town's swimming pool and library.

When Mary's parents moved to a much bigger town for work the children missed each other and Mary missed the other children in town also. As time went on Mary found her a boyfriend like wise Joseph also found him a girlfriend in their junior high school years. Mary's father was killed in a bad auto mobile accident. Mary's mother moved back to their small town of Hazelton to her parents house and started working at the Winchester Food market while Mary went to high school where she was reunited with Joseph. After high school they both went to a community college in the next town over. When they both were twenty two they got married and started their own family. it wasn't long before they started their family. Like clock work every two years they welcomed another baby into the world.

First they had a son named Jeremy lee. When he was little he was into everything. He kept Mary running after him. just as he started his terrible two year they brought home his little brother James Samuel . Then when James started his terrible twos they brought home another son named John Adam. When Jeremy was in the first grade and the next to the oldest James was in pre school at their church and John was starting his terrible twos Joseph and Mary brought home another baby. This time it was a little girl named Marcy Ann.

Their family continued to grow every two years. The town's folks knew it was about time for them to announce another baby on the way. One elderly lady jumped ahead of the rest of the ladies when she saw Mary going into the bathroom at the bingo hall and followed her in and overheard her getting sick. Old lady Jones rushed out and announced over the microphone yes our Mary pregnant again. When Mary came out they all started clapping their hands and even old lady Jones announced nobody has to have a baby to populate the growth in our little community The Winchesters doing it all for us but I really would like to become a great grandma soon.

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