Safety Underneath The Fireplace (Part 5, page 1 of 4)

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Part 5

Their Christmas breakfast consumed of sausage and pancakes for every one including a group of guest. After breakfast the pastor had a nice little service ending in a prayer to keep every one safe, Every body was giving goodbye hugs and wishes to the soldiers, law enforcement agencies hunters, and farmers.

Any one that was old enough was welcome to join the group. All they needed to know was how to shot rifles heading to Washington to take the country back over from the dictatorship in a revolt. Every service member wore their platoon's uniform.

Everywhere starting in Wellsville the socialist group quickly put their weapons down and surrender to the Armed Forces. Only the leaders were arrested. Senator Hazelton also a retired general told the citizens of Wellsville to tear down the wall and make their community a sub division of Hazelton

And make their new courthouse into a jail to place to bring the socialist leaders to trail. calling it a federal courthouse. Every one was pleased with that and started tearing down the wall immediately. leaving a few feet just like he had asked them to for a flower garden and park for every one on both sides to enjoy. The combined military forces continued to march east hoping to free all of the cities and turning the country back into a capitalist country.

Before they left everyone had an ice cream social to send their loved ones off to battle. Marcy's family held a midnight vigil by candle light on the square. Even the babies enjoyed watching the firework display for their new Independence from the socialist government.

There was a whole platoon of every branch of service heading back to Washington DC to take over the county to turn it back like it had been before. Yes the Winchester men was a part of the group. Marcy knew they wasn't going to take no for an answer and it would be very dangerous , All she could do was put their fate into God's hands.

Every town no matter how big or small the socialist was laying down their weapons or joined up in the revolt to take back their government. They all knew it wasn't going to be easy. The farther East they went the more resistance they ran into. Finally they were within reach of Washington DC without too many causalities.

They reached Washington DC in record time and it was a sight to see when the Secret Service senior agent told the group in charge of the new President to either lay down their weapons or be a part of the take over. They did just that. The socialist in charge was dumb founded when that happened The new President yelled you all can't do this. Senator Hazelton oh yes we can. The Capital building has been taken over again by the right people

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