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Part 2

10 Years Later

“A decent selection tonight. Which one will you be sneaking off with?” The question came from Eogan, the king’s youngest son, who elbowed his elder brother Connor playfully.

“I have only one woman on my mind, need you even ask?” was the curt reply. Connor’s calculating blue eyes scanned the dimly lit hall before him, searching for his target. Numerous candles and torches lined the walls but the room was large and all within it remained relatively obscured. He spotted her at last sitting at a long table to his right, that thin red dress hugging her body, cut low and tight. She was stunning; he wondered how he could have missed her at all. Seated amongst the maids that she had brought with her from her own father’s court, Connor knew it would not be long before she took her place at the head table, right beside him—his queen. He watched as she elegantly took a sip of mead, unable to suppress a shudder that traversed through him.

“One woman,” nearby Fionan repeated quietly from his place in the shadowed corner. “I daresay, Connor, you’ve gone soft.”

Fionan, the king's foster son, was leaning back comfortably in his high backed wooden chair, posture relaxed, hazel eyes ever wandering. His curly auburn hair sat atop his head like an untamed puff of sheep’s wool, the color befitting the bitterly cold autumn season they were presently enduring, and his constant companion, a heavy, silver cross, swayed from his neck on a a simple leather strap.

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