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Part 1

Chapter 1

1100 A.D.

“What is heaven?” Saorla had asked her father when she was but a child of six. They were making the long trek back to their farm from the village where they had gone to sell their wool and honey. It had been a day spent under the hot sun peddling their meager goods, and though they were anxious to be home, they were tired and took leisurely steps. She had heard the word in question from some men that were dressed in thick, black robes despite the intense heat of summer, and who clutched weathered books to their chests. She recalled their booming voices over the bustling town square, preaching against the greed and ungodliness of the kingdom all the while promising redemption in exchange for silver pieces. She did not like them—they frightened her.

Her father took a deep breath and ran a hand through his long, greying hair. He shifted the heavy bag of unsold wool from one shoulder to the other. “Some people think heaven is the realm we go to after we leave our earthly lives. It is supposed to be a place where there is no worry, no evil. A reward of sorts for those who are faithful.”

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