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Part 2

Maybe it was because he could skateboard -extremely well-, maybe it was the fact that he helped me even though Eeko and Jake were perfectly capable, yes, it was his brother’s fault, but it is the thought that counts. Maybe it was his personality, full of sorrow but at the same time exciting, reserved yet demonstrative, deep and dark but his smirk lightened the cloudy sky, maybe it was just him, I liked him… his eyes sparkling in their true color the sharp emerald green and speckled with blue ocean droplets. According to him, Wayde Hopkins, he was son of Daniel and Tristal Hopkins, from Midland, Texas, used to the humid heat and moved to the East side of the Lone Star for a change in scenery, and his kid brother’s name is Jeremiah.

His flirtatious smile made me shiver.

“So tell me about you.”

“About me… that sounds kind of… dangerous.”

“I’m sure your past isn’t as… treacherous as mine.”

“I sure hope nothing is so treacherous.”

He snickered and turned his head up looking at the sky. The sun was setting casting the beautiful pinks and reds across the sky. I sigh and run my fingers through my curls.

“Is your hair naturally this curly?” He asks catching a strand in between his thumb and forefinger. My heartbeat heightens and I nod. He lifts the corner of his mouth in a smirk then turns to the bank of The Escape where Jer stands waiting for us to stop talking.

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