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Part 3

I had pulled over twice to go through everything I had seen in Wayde/ Joshua’s future. I park in the . ‘It was me Wayde saw first when he opened his eyes, he glanced down to see his body covered in hospital robes.

“Hey…” He grins, his voice oozing in affection. I- he sits up gesturing for her- me to sit beside me… Clem shakes her head and tilts it to the corner of the room her face contorted in fear, pain, and worry; I was too stupid to notice earlier. I turn my head slightly towards the bend in the wall; a sharp ache stabs me in my back. Ignoring it, I hiss staring straight at Gavin, a long lost cousin of mine. The memory comes back to me, I remember it like it was days ago but it had been years ago.

‘“Oh, dear Aunty, of course, but why not use it to get what we want, that would be nice.” Twelve-year-old Gavin laughs maniacally. Moms round caring face darkens in fear.

“No, Dean… we use our gifts for the good, like helping others… never to mean others harm, come… you should be getting to bed, you to Josh.” She lets her hair fall around the scars that showed her past, their beautiful markings glow with her glamour. I frown and let her guide me away from Dean. She tucks him in first, leaning down and pecking his forehead.

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