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Part 1

"Would you hurry up already, tick tock says the clock; I bet Jake is waiting for you!" I shout over my shoulder out of the truck window. It was thirty minutes after final bell and Eeko was still changing, her scarlet red curls twirled down her back like little tornadoes as she stepped up into Ollie and slammed his door. "Hey be careful with Oliver, he'll get revenge!" I pat his dashboard and press the gas lightly. Eeko laughs and turns around in her seat to lay her board in the back seat, right beside mine. “You and this truck are meant to be.” She elbows my rib, and then leans forward yanking my IPod out of its home in the cup holder. The beginning of each song plays then is cut off with the start of another, my head pounds in pain.

“Pick a song!”

”Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system YEAH! Please record your message. Beep! Pick up the phone answer your text, well; I apologize about last night I really did not mean to disrespect you…” She sings along with Ronnie Radke in a deft type of way.

“Please, no!” I giggle and flip the turning signal on. Her arm snakes around my shoulder, she leans close and pecks my cheek, “Whoa, this will be the end of us I have tried way too many times to heal, I have loved you so much it hurts me dear and this, this will be the end of us pick up the phone pick up the phone pick up the phone. Well, I apologize about last night I really did not mean to disrespect, c’mon Clem! Sing with me, - the floor wipe the tears from off your face because the cops are knocking on the door they’re gonna wanna know what's up! Better, tell them that you fell 'cause when they see the bruises on my face they're probably taking both of us to jail-“ I shake my head and park Ollie beside Rebel, Jake’s Mustang. “Did you bump your head before you got into Ollie or something, geez calm down?” I shut the driver door and open the back one, pulling my board out. It smelled of fresh paint, the design like that of a wicked butterfly caught up in dead trees intoxicating branches. Eeko smirks at me on the other side of Ollie then winks.

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