Relationships - As we know it (Part 3, page 2 of 13)

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Part 3

“What an opening sentence? I expected hi.” I silently told awi.

Awi couldn’t control laughing. “Same here dude. Same here.” He replied somehow controlling his laughter.

“Last day, what plans next?” varun asked me.

“ah well, I am planning to take up fashion designing. Heard you want to do MBA?”

“Ya. You know na, after 10th also, my father wanted me to take up science and become a doctor.” Varun said.

“And what do you aspire to be?”

“I want to enter into the Arts Field, Indian culture, etc and all you see. I told him after my 10th what will I do becoming a doctor? Cut bodies? Not my cup of tea. Arts is my world.” Varun said.

“Hmmm” unison by me and awi and we faked a smile.

“Silence in the class” screamed the supervisor. “Please enter your details properly and start writing and no more noise here.”

“This guy is a mental case.” Awi told me.

“Shut up awi.”

“Oh My God!!! Rits, look at this.” Awi silently told me in surprise.

“What awi?”

Freak!!! The first question was the sum we both saw a couple of minutes back. 10 marks!!! I looked at awi and awi turned half head towards me and we both were, of course, BLANK.

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