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Part 3

“Do well beta. You are prepared? All done? Last minute revisions?”, mom asked in a full tension mood.

“Ya mom, don’t give me goosebumps by asking again and again. I will do well, don’t worry,”, I said, touching her feet and seeking her good wishe’s.

“all the best beta.”, she screamed as awi’s dad had come to pick us up for the last board exam.

“thanks mom,” I replied passing a flying kiss to her.

“If only the kiss had come to me”, awi said mockingly.

“shut up and revise your subject.”

The last board exam and that was accounts. Awi was tensed and so was i. I was not bad in accounts but was not good either.

“Rits, see this.” Awi said pointing towards a accounting sum. He was trying to memorise it.

“Mugging up?” I asked.


That was the only sum we both saw together and then we were asked to enter our respective classes. We were in the same class. Shreya, Nirav and Pooja had their centres in a different school.

The handsome hunk came and sat next to me. That was Varun, Varun Kapoor.

Awi was sitting ahead of me.

“Wow, good luck charm huh”, awi teased me.

“shut up,” I said and shooed him away.

“So, the great mischievous people around me,” said Varun looking at me and awi.

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