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Part 1

Several old women entered the room. Like a good would-be-wife and a good girl (all of a sudden), I bent down to touch their feet and seek their blessings.

I waited there, admiring myself in the mirror, my mehandi colour had gone red to black. “oh look at this, it seems Arjun loves her like crazy,” mocked one of the girls referring to the old saying that if the mehndi colour reddens, there is extreme love. But mine had gone BLACK??

‘Does Arjun really loves me like crazy?’, I asked myself.

“Please call the bride.” Screamed the pandit from the mandap, loud enough to bring me back to the present.

I saw Arjun sitting on the mandap and smiling at me when I was walking towards me.

“Looking gorgeous”, he said when I sat next to him. “Are you blushing or is it the make up?”

The pandit started chanting the marriage mantras. I could see my mom and sister’s eyes went moist.

“it’s the havan smoke dear”, they said in unison.

“I thought you guys are going emotional over my marriage.”

“its you who is the emotional drama queen here, not them.” Arjun said.

Few Sanskrit chants by the pandit came instantly post Arjun’s comment. One of them meant you are supposed to take your wife’s side from now on, you will have to protect her and blah blah blah. I looked at Arjun after this comment and we both shared a light laugh.

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