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Part 1

Marriages are made in heaven’ and all that jazz has thoughtful contemplation attached to it, i thought.

People around me were giggling, screaming and excited running around me. This was a crazy day. No wonder they were acting crazy.

“It is half past eight, beta how much time more do you think you need, to get ready? “, asked my mother with great ease, with a slight tensed look on her face and a great relief of happiness.

“Oh ma, I need time, tell that Arjun to wait. This bride will take time.” I answered back remembering the lines told by Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..

It was a moment of joy, glory awaiting for me and my family since a long time.

“Just have a look at yourself in the mirror, Ritika, you look gorgeous. Arjun is dead for sure.” My sister said mocking with the other girls around me.

I lifted my eyes to have a look of myself on the full length mirror, I looked gorgeous in the the South Indian traditional wedding saree. Or was it the other way around.

“Not too much of make up di, I hate it.”

“Don’t do this nakhras today.” She said.

I looked gorgeous indeed. Most important was, I felt gorgeous within.

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