Relationships - As we know it (Part 5, page 2 of 9)

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Part 5

“Shut up you both”, I screamed and all looked at me and thought I was a psycho something talking and scolding myself. I will figure out soon what I need to give him and shut them up too.

I brought 3 frames of the same type and was walking out when my eyes fell on something.

This was the same time when the musical album “Yaaron Dosti” was released by KK. I thought I should buy a cassette as well and give it to them.

“Give me 3 cassettes of Yarron.” I told the shopkeeper. I continued, “make it 4, ok 5. Ok make it 6.”

“How many you want madam?” he asked me irritatingly.

“6. Make it six. Please.”

I took the cassettes, the frames and started walking home. The major task was yet to be done. The photographs, where do I get these from? I had group photos but the size should match. Else the heart shaped branch frame would look like a peanut sized brain frame. What should I do now? Idea ki baat aati hai to Awi ki yaad aati hai. I went to Awi’s place directly. He was at home, sleeping with his shorts only.

“Christ, cant you keep the door locked?”

“Christ can also knock the door na?”

“Shameless fellow. Please put on your clothes. I need to show you something.” “Stop making that dirty face. You remember my punch right?”

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