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Part 5

It was the last day we were all together. Nirav and Pooja were extremely touched by our gesture. I wanted them to remember forever. At least as school friends, probably that will remind them of the mastis we used to do, of the time we spent together and all other moments. I decided to give them all a farewell gift. I walked into the Archies gallery.

What should I buy? Will these guys like it? God, gifting someone is so difficult but when it comes to you, suddenly you will I should have got this and that as a gift. Phew.

I want to give them something that they can keep with them. 20 years down the line, it should remind them of me, us, and they should share all the memories with their family, children, grandchildren and so on. But what should it be?

Wow, was my next comment!!! This was a photo frame in a shape of a tree with 5 frames hanging out as branches. This would be the best gift, I thought and decided to buy 3 for Nirav, Pooja and Shreya.

“What about Varun?” my mind asked my heart.

“Oh please, I am not the right person for this question.”

“Should I ask the kidneys then? Its your duty to make out who is in the heart.” My mind replied.

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