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Part 2

We - my mom, me an my elder sister Radhika were a happy-go-lucky family based in Mumbai. My father was transferred here but his stay with us didn’t last long. He met his death when I was hardly one. Mom had taken lot of pains in bringing me and Radhika up. Mom worked with a private financial firm.

We were in the same school, Radhika or Rads as she was known was 5 years elder to me. She was bright, she was beautiful and she was tall. I on the other hand, was not so bright, was average looking but tall.

Rads was quiet while I was naughty, talkative and mischievous. Teachers in school used to complain mom, “Younger sister of Radhika, but always outside the class. Madam if she concentrates more on her studies, she will top the class. But she enjoys being the OUT standing student always.”

This statement was the most patent statement that my teachers used through out my academics in school.

“ Look at you Rits, always there is a complain from the teachers.” Mom said angrily.

“now even the neighbors are complaining, ma.”

“ Oh lord, what has this girl done now!! Schools, neighbours, your own sis complains day in and day out.”

“ Chill pill mom. Why are you screaming your lungs out?”I said, trying to be as modern as possible chilling pilling her. and she shut me off.

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