Relationships - As we know it (Part 7, page 2 of 15)

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Part 7

“Shut up and get lost” I pushed him out of the room.

Sunny and I were the last to leave the house. others were already settled in the hired car. Sunny and I were supposed to bring the luggages everybody had for the 2 day ceremony and then reach the hall.

“Check the lock.”


“All stuff taken?”


“Luggages in the car?”


“Your clothes taken?”


“you are an idiot”


He looked suddenly and hit me on my arm. “Ouch, that hurts, idiot”.

“Sit. We need to reach soon. its already 7.”

“Drive properly ok.”

“As if you are sitting for the first time.”

We both sat and he started driving.

Me: Nervous huh.

Sunny: A bit. You?

Me: I don’t know. Mixed emotions. Probably you were right. I need to be in your shoes to understand the situation.

He looked at me, “What?” I asked.

Sunny: You still mad at me for that day’s behavior?

Me: No dear. I was just saying I need to go through it as well some day na. so just wondering what I am feeling right now. I am not nervous, but I am happy. I am not worried but I am scared. You getting me na?

Sunny: Hmm….Ritsi baby

ME: Yup

Sunny: You are in love….

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