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Part 7

“Can you please get up and get ready? We need to be in there by 8.” Mom was screaming.

“Arey yaar, even in holidays, I have to get up early, is it”, I replied back.

“Hello, its my wedding. Get up drama queen.” Sharanya di screamed back.

“Oh haan nai. 30 mins, I will be ready. You guys woke me up at 6? How mean.”

“shut up and get up. You are the only one sleeping. Others are all ready. They will be leaving soon.”

“Not bad, sunny, you are up already. Good going. I will be ready in 20.” I replied back and rushed to get ready.

“Ma”, I screamed, “I have nothing to wear. I have no dresses. What do I wear, what do I wear? Do we need to get ready ready now only or just some random dress would do?”

“Can you please wear something good and get ready soon? we are all waiting for you only. We will leave you and go if you take more time. Stop behaving like a kid Ritsi, giving you 10 minutes exactly.” Rads said.

“As if you will leave me and go.”

“Baby, I am driving.” Sunny winked and Rads and smiled back.

“Very funny. Do you mind, I need to change?”

“I do mind.” He winked back.

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