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Part 6

With a huge face I sat next to mom and kept my head on her shoulder.

Rads got buys with her reading. I looked at her, she was reading a novel. She was carrying a bag full of books.

Me: How much does this one read na ma?

Mom: Hahah. She enjoys reading. U also borrow some books from her. You also like reading right.

Me: I do, but she is a book worm plus I don’t read her kind of books. They go over my head.

Mom smiled again and I kept my head in her lap. Soon a family entered. They exchanged pleasant smiles with mom and asked where are we going and other details as asked by a fellow passenger in a train.

I gave mom a big look. My eyes read, almost screamed, ‘ ask them mom, whether they can shift to the middle or top berth.’

She started with her usual story and continued chatting with the other lady for some 45 mins. I kept looking at her and each time my looks were ignored. Heights!! I told myself and went and sat near the side seat. Soon a guy came and said “Excuse me.” I understood and was about to get up when he said that’s ok and I can sit there. The lady introduced the guy as her son and told they were also going to Delhi. Mom then told about us that she is the elder one doing the CA and this one is the younger one who wants to …and stopped and said has just finished her boards. I gave her a sharp look and she was I guess trying to hide her smile and I smiled too. I loved her and still do and will always and when she gives that smile, anybody can forget his/her anger or similar mood.

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