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Part 4

“Missing whom?”, she asked rubbing her eyes. “Aiyo, ma, Awi himself is missing. He is not at home. His mom called.” “What?”, mom asked and I told her the conversations between me and aunty and Shreya.

“When was the last you saw him?” she asked me. “Morning, I met him in the Fashion institute. Then I don’t know where he went but he was disturbed.” “What did you tell him, poor fellow, where will he be? He had food or still didn’t have.?”

That was my typical mom. She used to say my friends are all jokers but then she loved them just like her own children. She called up Awi’s mother and she asked me to go inside.

I went to my room and don’t know just fell asleep. Next morning, I woke up pretty late and after stretching, yawning and doing the wake up regularities, it struck me that I had slept off when my best friend was missing. OMG!!! What did I do? I got up and ran towards mom to ask what happened and realized she is not at home. I went to Rad’s room, even she was not there. Where are these people? What has happened? Rads must have gone for her CA classes and mom? Why should she go to office on a Sunday? I called up Awi’s residence. Nobody answered. I called up my other friends, Shreya, Nirav, Pooja, Milind, even Varun, nobody answered. Frustrated, I freshened up, got ready and left for Awi’s place.

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